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Welcome to the most up to date Bitcoin Lightning Network portal and directory. 

LappZap team members are always researching and testing the latest Lapps, services, merchants, hardware, games, casinos, wallets, channels and much more.

The Lightning Network solves the scalability problems of blockchains and allows merchants and consumers to transact using micro payments with minimal fees.

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Card Wallet
A highly secure method for cold(offline) storage of your Bitcoin.
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CoinMall has made it as simple as possible to sell virtual products for money.
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  • BC.Game

  • OpenNode

  • GiftOff

  • Wallet Of Satoshi

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LappZap offers in-depth, full featured reviews of Lightning Network projects,

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LappZap is the most up to date Lightning Network directory/listing website. We are always on the search for new, quality wallets, merchants, Lapps, projects, businesses and services that support the Lightning Network. 

Our team is performing quality assurance testing and reviews daily.

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