Affiliate Disclaimer

Yes. We have affiliate links throughout the site. Hopefully we can earn some coins when visitors click on them. Most likely we will get the referral workaround or just plain shafted by visitors that want avoid helping us by manually typing in URLs minus our affiliate tag. No prob. No hard feelings either. I used to be a dick too, so I understand. 

Will an affiliate link sway our opinion of any products or services?

HELL MUTHA F&#[email protected]^N NO! 

If something sucks, is broken, scammy looking, or suspicious in any way, we will not hesitate to say so. We don’t care how high the commission is or how low the cashout threshold is. We do not shill. We provide a service to the community and we highly value the quality of the information that we provide. The end. Now go click on something so I can afford to buy Mike a new dress.