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  • IRS Offers $625K Bounty to Break Monero or Lightning Network Privacy September 11, 2020
    The US Internal Revenue Service is offering up to $625,000 to anyone who can successfully trace either Bitcoin Lightning Network or Monero transactions. Submitted last week, the request notes a rise in the number of both legal and illicit uses of such privacy-enhancing tools. The agency stated that the goal of the bounty is to […]
    Rick D.
  • Bitcoin Still ‘Best Manifestation’ of Internet-Native Currency, Says Twitter CEO September 10, 2020
    Jack Dorsey, the CEO of social networking giant Twitter, has reiterated his belief in Bitcoin. The entrepreneur stated that the leading digital asset remains best-positioned to serve as the internet’s native currency. Dorsey has been a vocal supporter of Bitcoin for several years now. His second company, Square, has offered trading of the digital currency […]
    Rick D.
  • Cryptocurrency News Roundup for August 25, 2020 August 25, 2020
    In a new move that could potentially have a sizeable impact on the Ethereum ecosystem, ConsenSys has announced that it is acquiring Quorum. Quorum is the enterprise blockchain platform developed by banking giant JP Morgan Chase, who, as part of the deal, will also be making a strategic investment in the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Ethereum venture […]
    Shilpa Lama
  • Playing Monopoly With Satoshis on the Lightning Network August 25, 2020
    An innovative Redditor, Suicidal-duck, recently published a thread outlining a set of rules to play Monopoly, but with Bitcoin. The game follows the classic Monopoly structure, but with a few twists that make it great for teaching someone how to use Bitcoin. Bitcoin Monopoly: Where The Bank Goes Broke Monopoly is a dark board game. […]
    Tony Toro
  • Human Rights Foundation Reveals More Recipients of Bitcoin Development Fund August 5, 2020
    The Human Rights Foundation has just announced the second beneficiaries of its Bitcoin Development Fund. The fund, launched in June, focuses on financing developers who pursue greater privacy and censorship resistance tools for the network. The three lucky Bitcoin developers include Openoms (@openoms), Evan Kaloudis (@evankaloudis), and Fontaine (@Fonta1n3). According to Bitcoin development grants tracker […]
    Rick D.
  • Did Bitcoin Dominance Really Dip During the Rally? July 31, 2020
    Bitcoin dominance dipped this week despite its epic run-up to $11K. But new ways of calculating dominance are making their way into crypto. What is Bitcoin Dominance Anyway? When people talk about BTC dominance, most pundits are likely referring to the percentage of the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies represented by Bitcoin. One exciting […]
    Harry Leeds
  • Wrapped Bitcoin on Ethereum Close to Overtaking Lightning Network in Value March 3, 2020
    Bitcoin (BTC) represented on Ethereum’s own blockchain has been growing. In fact, the on-chain BTC value on Ethereum is close to surpassing Lightning Network. Lightning Network has been hyped by the Bitcoin community for years now, but we’re still a long way away from it being rolled out for mass adoption. In fact, adoption of […]
    Anton Lucian
  • Twitter Founder Receives Bitcoin Lighting Network Torch #2 February 3, 2020
    Jack Dorsey has just received the second Lightning Torch. Controversy surrounds this latest pass since the Twitter CEO and outspoken Bitcoin fan did not request the Torch from the sender. A year after the original version, the Lightning Trust Chain is running again. Cryptocurrency proponent and the original architect of the idea, Hodlonaut (@Hodlonaut), started […]
    Rick D.
  • Ripple Chief Bashes Bitcoin While XRP Tumbles Again January 25, 2020
    Ripple chief executive Brad Garlinghouse has been bashing Bitcoin again on its potential for becoming a major payments network. Meanwhile, the company’s own digital currency, XRP, has added to its losses this week. Speaking to the Wall Sreet Journal recently, Brad Garlinghouse was not very complimentary about Bitcoin. However, the comments are par for the […]
    Martin Young
  • Bitcoin Confirmation Times Have Dropped 20% Since Q4 2019 January 22, 2020
    A financial publication recently gathered data on Bitcoin transaction times, payment network reliability, and transaction performance — and the results speak positively of the digital currency. Bitcoin’s execution time has been steadily decreasing and improvements in the technology emphasize how cryptocurrencies outdo banks by a considerable margin. Bitcoin Bulking Up New York-based financial publication, LearnBonds, […]
    Rahul N.
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