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     LappZap is being built by two knuckleheads that love Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and ping pong.

    Now…. It’s time for me to use some buzzwords and mandatory crypto project statements. Ready?

    The goal of this Lightning Network directory and business listing service is to aid in spreading cryptocurrency education and adoption to the rest of the world….. Buzzwords session is now complete…. Back to reality.

    It’s guaranteed that nothing will stop us from making the go-to site for LN information. This work is a labor of love. We tried paying our bills and landlords with love but that didn’t work out so well. (Restraining orders are more of a guideline than a law I think.) Believe it or not, running a full featured, up to date, badass website with all the bells and whistles is expensive. Let’s face it. Free plugins suck. We are all premium, all day.

     So… If you like what we are building and would like to help out, it will not go unrecognized. Supporters will get an honorable mention, a hug, a pair of custom socks, two Chinese finger traps from the 99¢ store and a hand made thank you card made with love, appreciation and colored pencils. Also, if you happen to have a project, store, Lapp or service, we will bestow the supporter tag upon your listing image. Substantial supporters will receive extended featured listing spots throughout the site. 

     The two fancy buttons below will open up some even fancier QR Codes. The one on the left is for Bitcoin Lightning Network payments only. The one on the right will work for on-chain Bitcoin or Lightning. Hurry up, before the sale on finger traps ends.

Other Ways To Support Us For Free

     Aside from all that boring financial talk above, we would like to thank you for just being here. Your usage of LappZap holds value to us the same as any type of currency. Sharing us to your Twitters, Facebooks, Instagrams, blogs or even randomly screaming out “LappZap!” as you pay for your groceries is appreciated. We are a community of cryptocurrency supporters that spans an entire planet. Thank you for joining us in this mission. 

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Partnerships And Other Business Inquiries.

Please contact us via E-mail or Telegram.