Monetize traffic provides a very clever, automated solution for users to take back ownership of their data. When you browse the web, website owners are most likely using analytics software to record your visits and personal information like email, IP address, how many clicks, where you came from and where you went afterward. 

    Think of it like this…. You were invited to a party by a friend. You don’t know he host but your friend said it would be fun so you went. After a boring hour, you leave the party. The host was nice but you doubt you’ll ever back to his house so you say bye.

    How would you react if you found out that the host hired an investigator to get your address, phone number, email and he found out exactly where you were before arriving to his party? And, he had someone follow you after the party too. 

    Doesn’t sound so great when applied to the physical world. replaces that private info with the Lightning Network equivalent of the  “Goodfellas – F*** You! Pay me now!” scene. 

    Reviewers note: I first used it on Brave browser but wasn’t noticing many payment requests being sent. After lowering my “shields” for trusted sites, the extension went to work and sent out 4 payment requests in just 10 minutes. 


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  1. I cannot sign up there and get the following message: “Failed to fetch information about the app requesting authentication. Please contact the app maintainer to resolve the issue.”

    If this project is discontinued I suggest removing the listing.

    1. I was able to login through the extension and the website. I couldn’t login through Blockstacks though. I have reached out to them on Twitter, publicly, to find out if it’s temporary. Thanks for reporting. We will give them a few days to respond before we consider delisting.

    2. responded to us on Twitter… Very quick response too. I am satisfied with the initiative taken so far by the team. @Czino, if you have a screenshot of the specific error you got when logging in, would you send it to them so they fix it? I’m sending them the error I got but yours and mine may be different. It would help. Thanks.

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