What are ZapSATS?

1 ZapSAT = 1 SAT

100,000,000 ZapSATS = 1 Bitcoin

5000 SATS minimum conversion. No fee.

ZapSATS can be earned by interacting with There are plenty of activities that trigger rewards. Most of the reward opportunities are listed here on this page. Some will remain a secret until you unlock them. Others can only be awarded by an admin. Just as high quality content can be rewarded, low quality content can be penalized.

Why create a points system rather than offer instant rewards over the Bitcoin Lightning Network?

We considered it and it is definitely an option for the future. However, until we are certain that the system can’t be taken advantage of, we are using the ZapSATS as a layer of quality assurance. Since most of the rewards are earned through interacting with the listings of LN projects, it is very important that Spam and insincere comments or reviews be strictly moderated. There will never be rewards for upvoting listings.

Available Tasks

This is a list of available tasks that you can complete to earn ZapSATS. The ones that are crossed out can only be rewarded one time and you have already completed it. 

Level Up

These are the available levels. You can advance your levels by completing specific achievements. Usually earning specific badges will get you to the next level. 

Available Badges

These are the badges you can earn. More are being added every day so don’t forget to check-in often to earn yourself some ZapSATS which are redeemable for SATS.

The ZapSATS BETA Program Has Ended

Thank you for participating. Don’t forget to convert your ZapSATS to real SATS by sending us your Lightning invoice for 5000 SATS.